The Center for Innovation and Development (CID)

Community leaders and high tech executives connected to establish a high tech software innovation center in Kilmarnock, VA, called the Center for Innovation and Development (CID). There were several factors that drove the need for a CID located here:

  • *Onshoring is here to stay and the CID is perfectly situated to take advantage of this trend. Off shored development that involves complex solutions have failed to create the return on investment that is promised via low wages and many government initiatives cannot be off-shored due to security reasons.
  • Software is everywhere and can be developed almost anywhere as long as there is connectivity.  We have connectivity.
  • Finding and Retaining Talent is crucial in today’s competitive market. Our excellent quality of life and lower cost of living is an excellent draw.
  • Project teams need to be accessible:   Software has become more complex, continuous (Agile) collaboration with customers critical.  We are close to WDC, Richmond, Hampton Road, and Dahlgren.
  • Access to Talent:  We have direct access to an excellent network of VA universities.
  • This is the place to onshore.

*Taken from the Urban Dictionary--Onshoring is the act of relocating a business process or department to a less expensive part of the country. Similar to off-shoring, except that the job doesn't leave the country.

The CID was incorporated as a nonprofit organization opened its doors within the Rappahannock Community College in Kilmarnock, VA. in Jan 2016.

The goal is to offer basic software consulting support and begin moving to niche domains of expertise (security, virtualization, integration) that directly meet the needs of our technical communities. We will bring together companies that have similar products and services in an innovative, synergistic web of knowledge workers using state of the art collaborative environments.  With a solid technical resources in place we will extend our reach into Smart Communities initiatives and serve as a gateway hub and catalyst for economic development in Virginia.  Our innovative and entrepreneurial setting will have far-reaching and lasting impact on the social and economic fabric of the region, as well as become a national resource and an international gateway.  

For The Northern Neck We Will:

Energize the Economy, Energize our kids, Create jobs, create more valuable jobs while preserving the today's culture of the NNK

Attract top talent and new graduates to return home

…by taking advantage of the local assets of our community

For Virginia
Provide real value to customers throughout Virginia and draw talent from all over the country.

For the Country
Use our location on the Eastern Seaboard and proximity to our nation’s capital to become a gateway for international clientele doing business in the US.

The CID received multiple planning grants in 2015 from the U.S. Rural Development Administration, the Northern Neck Planning Commission and soon, the Virginia Department of Commerce.  In July, 2016 all counties of the Northern Neck Planning District Commission signed a resolution in support of the CID.